How to properly maintain tablecloths?

  • Use a degreaser to remove stains that are made by a fatty produce.
  • Wash with hot water
  • Rinse under the same temperatures
  • Lightly dry especially if the material is polyester

Warning: if the stain persists after a first wash, do not dry the tablecloth. Instead wash it again in order to dislodge the stain. Follow the same steps again for washing and drying.

What information should be kept at hand for choosing or ordering a tablecloth?

  • Take the measurements of the table (its diameter if it’s round; length and width otherwise)
  • Clarify the shape of the table (round, oval, etc..)
  • Measure the length of the drop

What kind of drop would you require for the tablecloth? The drop must take into account the desired effect and the clientele for whom it is intended. We will opt for a minimal drop for "diner" type restaurants and a much more important drop for a sumptuous reception.

Please contact our team to get advice on our broad variety of standard or custom made tablecloths.

You wish to open an account with Lieberman Tranchemontagne?

For starters, you will need to fill out a request form to open an account and send it back to us.

Depending on the time of the year, you must allow for 2 to 3 open days in order for the request to be analyzed. You will be notified if your application has been approved or declined.

Bedbugs: Detection and Solution

How to notice if there are bedbugs?

  • You will find small dark stains on the bed sheets, the pillows and the mattress. Theses stains are from the blood left by the bedbugs after feeding and from their excrements.
  • You can also find insects, their eggs or residues from hatchings (yellowish). The eggs are whitish and take the form of a pear which are as big as the head of a needle. You will find these eggs grouped in total of 10 to 50; they will hatch around 10 days after they are laid.
  • A client will complain about bite marks and these bites will commonly be found on exposed skin (arms, legs and back). Bedbugs will bite body parts that are open and easily accessible. If these marks are solely found on lower leg regions, it is accurate to expect fleas instead.


What are their most probable hiding spots?

Hiding spots are numerous (bedding, furniture, curtains, suitcases, under carpets, etc…).You must first verify for stains on the mattress and/or around its seams as well as on the spring-mattress. They tend to reproduce near wood, it is recommended to look out for larva in such furniture (ie. Inside the drawers).

For more information on the detection and prevention of bedbugs, please visit this link here.

Also, use this quick reference tool for spots to look out for from Protect-a-Bed™.


What are the solutions to annihilate these insects?

Lieberman Tranchemontagne inc. sells mattress encasements against bedbugs in order to contain a propagation within your establishment.

Once an area has been disinfected by a professional, you must use these mattress encasements for 12 to 18 months without washing them.

Comforters and Pillows: what is the difference between microfiber and duvet?

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber with a diameter much smaller than natural fiber (thereby it’s given name).
This property is what makes it feel much like duvet to the touch.

The principal characteristics of microfiber are:

  • its ability to retain heat
  • its washability and its capacity to regain its duvet like aspect


Duvet is a natural fiber that offers an incomparable isothermal barrier for either hot or cold weathers.

The principal characteristics of duvet are:

  • its breathable properties and its ability to adjust to the ambient temperature and to body heat
  • it necessitates more delicateness to maintain it and preferably, it should be handled by a professional cleaner

Which bathrobe to choose: waffle or not waffle?

In general, the bathrobe in a waffle cotton is much lighter than a bathrobe that isn’t. Its light weight allows for faster drying time and therefore, is very economical for maintenance purposes.

A bathrobe that is not waffle is warmer and snuggles over the body more. It is advised for wellness centers (SPA) as well as middle to high end establishments to opt for this type of fabric in order to offer the comfort their clientele expects.


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What is an important drop?

A drop is the portion of the tablecloth which falls on all sides of a table and covers its corners.

When the drop goes beyond the knees and touches barely to the floor, that is identified as an important drop. 

What is a minimal drop?

A drop is the portion of the tablecloth which falls on all sides of a table and covers its corners.

When the drop goes barely beyond the corners of a table, we refer it to as a top for tablecloth.

When the drop reaches barely or to the knees, that is identified as a minimal drop.