Lieberman Tranchemontagne inc., as a Canadian supplier for the hospitality and passenger transportation industries, is reputed for its complete offer of excellent hospitality products and its exceptionally reliable service. Lieberman Tranchemontagne inc. is the indispensable intermediary to simplify your supply management needs and ensure the comfort of your guests.

In order to assure a unique support to its clients, Lieberman Tranchemontagne inc. acts simultaneously as a manufacturer, importer and distributor. Thanks to its network of partners, Lieberman Tranchemontagne inc. guarantees the quality of its products and the completion of its business engagements with its clients, of which are:

  • Distributors of hospitality products 
  • Accommodation establishments or healthcare centers 
  • Restaurants
  • Passenger transportation companies
  • Golf clubs
  • Encampments for workers on building and/or mining sites




With over 100 years of loyal services with, but not limited to, the Canadian hospitality industry, Lieberman Tranchemontagne inc. has acquired a unique knowledge of the accommodation and hospitality establishments needs as well as those of the public and private health sectors.

Its renowned know-how allows also for a remarkable response to the specific needs of businesses making use of encampments for their employees. Whichever the hospitality product you require, Lieberman Tranchemontagne inc. makes it a point of honor to accompany you in finding solutions, ant to offer you a distinctive service.

You need custom-made products such as bed linen, table linen, uniforms, mattresses or others? Our team have the know-how to accompany you and materialize your ideas.


Hospitality, our mission for more than 100 years.
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What is an important drop?

A drop is the portion of the tablecloth which falls on all sides of a table and covers its corners.

When the drop goes beyond the knees and touches barely to the floor, that is identified as an important drop. 

What is a minimal drop?

A drop is the portion of the tablecloth which falls on all sides of a table and covers its corners.

When the drop goes barely beyond the corners of a table, we refer it to as a top for tablecloth.

When the drop reaches barely or to the knees, that is identified as a minimal drop.