January 26th 2015 | Novelties aimed at your success in 2015!

This month, learn about the products that will elevate your guests' experience within your establishement. Simplify your search for uniforms and save time thanks to our new 2015 catalogue.


Novelties aimed at your success in 2015!


 Elevating your guests' experience is whitin your reach with O Zenith.

O Zenith mattresses were created for accomodation establishments. This series of mattresses tackles primarly two main concerns:


  1. Offer a memorable stay for their guests
  2. Satisfy budgetary needs


The innovative design of these removable top mattresses reconciles the pleasure of offering an incredible sleeping experience with the makings of a lasting and profitable investment.









 There are many advantages in adopting the hotelier mattress line O Zenith that you can benefit from:

  • Innovative Design

The removable top feature of the O Zenith mattresses directly impacts the longevity of theses mattresses by prolonging its overall life span.

This increases considerably the retunr on investment that mattresses represent within the budget of accomodation establishments. Solely replace the removable top to continue to benefit from the quality of theses mattresses.


  • Enironmentally Conscious Care

The romovable top is composed of hiher quality products. Among some models, the filling is made of natural fibers which are recyclable. The top is also washable. When it is ready to be changed, we offer to retrieve the removable tops in order to prolong their usefulness through recycling.


  • One type of removable top for each level of comfort

Among the choices of removable tops available, you can find the perfect balance between support and softness to satisfy your preferences. Then, you can indulge your guest with a European top or offer the classic and familiar comfort of a Pillow top.


These many adcantages of O Zenith mattresses will make the difference within your establishments. You choose the removable tops and the filling that will satisfy your hosts and fit your budgetary needs. Thus, the sleeping exprience in your rooms will be a key success. Consequently, the perception and appreciation fo your hosts regarding your establishment will be favourably influenced. 


To learn more about our hotelier mattress line:




The 2015 Uniform Catalogue, to make your search a simple task.


Lieberman Tranchemontagne inc. now offers a complete uniform catalogue. Acquiring the uniform that you desire will be made simple thanks in part to the wide range of proposed models. Also, the measurement table will facilitate your selection. Moreover, the broad choice in colours will help in the decision to renew a style while maintaining elegance and shape.



 For 2015, discover new colours and models :

  • Dress in the trending colour "charcoal"

This new colour is now available in some models. It will offer you a modern look and represents the advantage of being neither, white or black.


  • Healthcare and Work Wear is also offered

Work shirts and pants as well as lab coats and healthcare clothing sets are now at your disposal.


The 2015 Uniform Catalogue by Lieberman Tranchemontagne inc. will offer you all of the essential working clothes in a single document.


These multiples advantages will be available shortly.


Upon demand, you can receive a hard copy of the catalogue. To receive the electronic copy, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter. You will also receive our promotions and pertinent information based on your preferences.



To receive a hard copy our new catalogue :





What is an important drop?

A drop is the portion of the tablecloth which falls on all sides of a table and covers its corners.

When the drop goes beyond the knees and touches barely to the floor, that is identified as an important drop. 

What is a minimal drop?

A drop is the portion of the tablecloth which falls on all sides of a table and covers its corners.

When the drop goes barely beyond the corners of a table, we refer it to as a top for tablecloth.

When the drop reaches barely or to the knees, that is identified as a minimal drop.